Our Story

The Azité Company was founded in 2014 by Diana Nanteza. In the past 14 years that she worked in the hair and beauty industry as a hair stylist and consultant, many of her clients would complain about their hair extensions not lasting and its poor quality.

After doing extensive research Diana discovered that the hair in most local beauty stores had synthetic fibres mixed with human hair which meant that it didn’t last as long. This lead the hair to becoming more tangled compared to high quality human hair and it would shed a lot which meant that it could only be worn once or twice.

Diana decided to gather data from clients that complained about the state of their hair extensions  and used the data collected to start the brand which we now know  as Azité.

The company name Azité  was derived from the  Arabic name Azita which means Humble, High Born and Free. Diana’s vision for the brand was meant to reflect all her global customers that wore  Azité  Hair.

Diana and her team are committed to helping Azité’s  clients achieve bouncy and lasting hairstyles  with her 100% human hair and phenomenal Lace Front Wigs. Her team source some of the finest Virgin Hair in countries such as South America before treating, testing and packaging it for Azité’s global customers.

We believe that to be beautiful starts from within and shines outwardly. Let Azité not be your cover but be your enhancer. We are here to bring out the best that is already in you! We pride ourselves on our customer service and helping you achieve the look you desire, from the time you purchase your Azité Hair until it arrives at your doorstep.

We are open to grow and learn from you so if you have any tips, pointers as well as questions on how we can improve our service do not hesitate to contact us. Our success is your happiness.

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